• Designed and patented with comfort in mind, especially for those who come home exhausted after a long day.
  • For those who buy expensive shoes to feel more comfortable, and notice that the most important aspect of it's comfort (insole and midsole) are not as well elaborated and designed as they should be.
  • For those who don't want to use unattractive orthopedic shoes.
  • For those who want more comfort for their job, exercise and life.
  • For those who want to feel comfortable in their favorite shoes, heels, boots, etc.
  • For those who don't want to suffer from leg, knee and lower back pain.

The Only Insole with 6 Layers

Comfywalk stands out from all the other insoles you might know (or already use) because it was designed and made with 6 layers, to give you maximum comfort!

Regular insoles have a negative impact on your feet, making it almost impossible for you to go through your busy day and feel the comfort you need and deserve!

Today you'll see why ComfyWalk's patented and revolutionary technology will bring comfort to your feet, legs and lower back, while using them with your favorite shoes, boots, heels, etc.​

Conventional insoles are usually made of Silicone (gel) or foam. In other words, they grab any low budget material, with no technology or engineering done to make the product, without really caring for how that product will affect your health, and place it in your shoes for cost-effective and "aesthetic" purposes. For those who wear shoes all day or are on their feet all day, the last thing you'd want is to be in an uncomfortable situation that hurt you feet, whether that be short-term or long.


If you're using the wrong type of insoles, you're slowly ruining your feet's health, along with knees and back.

Pains and problems that inappropriate insoles can cause or worsen:

  • Back Pain:
    • Compression Fractures - When one or more bones in the spine weaken and crumple.
    • Herniated Discs in the Back
    • Intervertebral Disc Degeneration
    • Osteoarthritis in the Back
    • Pregnancy Back Pain
    • Sciatica in the Back
    • Scoliosis
  • Foot Pain
    • Achilles Heels
    • Haglund Heels
    • Heel Spurs
    • Osteoarthritis in the Foot
    • Morton's Neuroma
    • Muscle Fatigue
    • Peripheral Neuropathy
    • Plantar Fasciitis
    • Sesamoiditis
    • Tarsal Tunnel Syndrome
  • Hip Pain:
    • Hip Bursitis
    • Hip Dislocations
    • Hip Fractures
    • Hip Labral Tears
    • Hip Sprains & Strains
    • Iliotibial Band Syndrome
    • Osteoarthritis in the Hip
    • Scoliliitis
    • Sciatica Hip Pain
  • Leg Pain:
    • ACL Injury
    • Chronic Exertional Compartment Syndrome
    • Herniated Disc Leg Pain
    • Iliotibial Band Syndrome in Legs
    • Knee Buritis
    • Kneecap Dislocation
    • Leg Fractures
    • Meniscus Injury
    • Muscle Fatigue in the Leg
    • Osteoarthritis in the Leg

If you currently don't use insoles that provide extreme comfort and padding, chances are that you will suffer from one or more of these pains in the near future.

Impact that conventional insoles have on your body:​

When you walk or run, you gain negative shock and pressure back from the floor and that goes through your body. This pressure will attack the lower parts of your body such as feet, legs and hips. But will directly impact support strucutures of your body like ankles and back. Here's an example of the impacts caused while you're in motion, whether that be walking, jogging, running:


While in motion, the Fr (Ground reaction force) sends impact agains your body's weight, which will get absorbed by your knees and lower back while using normal insoles (or none). Imagine, everyday your body taking in all that negative impact, while you go about your day. Imagine all the problems and discomfort that this brings on your day to day, and even worse, how this will take a toll on your support structures in the long run.

With ComfyWalk you don't have to worry about that at all, our patented technology and material are Swiss made, and put through rigorous testing and validation with the best engineers when it comes to patented insoles.

What OPTRON Can Do​

OPTRON is engineered and made by ComfyWalk, an exclusive and patented material, no one else in the world has this exclusive technology.

Take a look at the video down below from Comfywalk's founder, George Hané, explaining what Optron is and what it can do.


Comfywalk absorbs the floor's impact so that it won't go straight to your body, leading to a more comfortable daily routine. You'll feel as if walking on clouds while using Comfywalk's protection that give full support for your feet and arch.

Take a look at yet another demonstration of how ComfyWalk insoles can absorb shock and impact. The demonstration shows a heavy metal sphere being released on top of the ComfyWalk insole as well as a normal insole, let's see what happens:  

The Only Insole Out Their On The Market With 2 Years Guarantee​

ComfyWalk is the only insole in the world that offers 02 years guarantee for all buyers.

Simple as that, if in 2 years your insoles get damaged due to quality/manufacturing defects, just send us an email informing where you bought them through and what problem you had with them and we'll quickly send you a new pair at no extra charge or you money back.


Sports with ComfyWalk:​

Work with ComfyWalk:​

Sports with ComfyWalk:

  • Basketball
  • Dancing
  • Golf
  • High Heels
  • Tennis
  • Running
  • Skiing
  • Snowboarding
  • Crossfit
  • Gym Workout

Work with ComfyWalk:

  • Construction
  • Military
  • Restaurant workers
  • Sports Instructors
  • Teachers
  • Veterinary workers
  • Nurses
  • All work occupations that require you to be on your feet all day long

ComfyWalk Sizes:​

ComfyWalk insoles are made in 2 universal sizes for adults, for Men and for Women. Women insoles are slimmer than Men's.

See what our satisfied clients have to say about ComfyWalk Insoles​


ComfyWalk Founder & Owner​

George Hane

  • Co-creator of ComfyWalk Insoles
  • Sucessful Global Product Developer and Entrepreneur 20+ years
  • Product sales in 107 countries in 22 different languages
  • Expertise: Wellness, Health, Comfort
  • Former Ethics Committee Chairman of Eletronic Retailing Association