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“A good insole can change your life” - George Hané

  • Unique & Patented 6 Layer Technology Designed in Switzerland with Optron

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Proprietary Swiss Tech & Engineering

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Why ComfyWalk?

With our patented & revolutionary Optron® technology, no other insole in the world provides 6 layers of pain-reducing comfort. Each layer performs a specific function, effectively combining 6 insoles into 1.

Layer 1: Improves Your Posture

Layer 2: Provides Arch Support for Better Balance

Layer 3: Eliminates Negative Impact From Walking & Running

Layer 4: Provides Cushioning & Next-Level Comfort

Layer 5 and 6: Absorbs Shock & Its Harmful Effects on the Entire Body

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Really helped my Plantar Fasciitis

"I have had terrible issues with plantar fasciitis and have tried many different products seeking relief. Only ComfyWalk has helped."

- Amy T.

"When I first tried them on, I was surprised that I couldn't even tell that I was wearing insoles. In fact, the only time I can tell that I'm wearing my ComfyWalks is by the end of the day, because I'm not in pain like I usually am. Oh, AND it feels like I'm literally WALKING ON CLOUDS. Hallelujah and THANK YOU."

- Jennifer D.

Great for my lower back pain

"I have been looking for the right insoles to help me with my lower back pain and I finally found them! Recommending them to everyone!"

- Gary C.

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