Why ComfyWalk Insoles?

No other insole in the world provides 6 layers of pain-reducing comfort. Each layer performs a specific function, effectively combining 6 insoles into 1.

ComfyWalk Insoles are made of a unique combination of Aramid Fiber, polyurethane, rubber and cushion foam. The resulting material is Optron®, a revolutionary and patented 6-layer piece of Swiss engineering that maximizes comfort, effectively reduces back and foot pain, and can drastically improve your posture.


Layer 1: Improves Your Posture


Layer 2: Provides Arch Support for Better Balance

Layer 3: Eliminates Negative Impact From Walking & Running

Layer 4: Provides Cushioning & Next-Level Comfort

Layer 5 & 6: Absorbs Shock & Prevents Its Harmful Effects on the Entire Body

ComfyWalk Insoles maintain their shape and thickness while evenly distributing impact for longer lasting comfort. They are also antimicrobial and can easily be hand-washed for maximum freshness and convenience.

Our insoles fit perfectly in almost any pair of shoes. And just as you don’t have to worry about getting new sneakers, loafers or high heels, you also don’t have to worry about choosing the wrong size or trimming the insoles to fit your shoes. Our minimalist design guarantees that ComfyWalk Insoles will fit inside almost every pair of shoes in your closet!