Choosing The Right Sports Sneakers

The Importance of Buying the Right Sneakers for Your Sport

Every athlete knows your body is your true instrument, regardless of your sport. When you finely tune your body to perform at its optimal level, you can expect to do your best. Although not every athlete runs down a court or dashes towards a finish line, every athlete should consider his or her feet as  an important part of the body to protect. Foot pain and discomfort can lead to long-lasting health issues including back pain, hip pain and prolonged injury to the nerves.

To prevent pain and injury to your feet, proper footwear for your sport of choice is crucial to playing your best and extending your longevity as an athlete. If you are a cyclist and choose shoes meant for walking, this could lead to numbness, blisters, swelling or serious long-term injuries. The purpose of an athletic shoe is to provide you with the best support for your body and the movements you perform regularly during your sport. The right shoe, along with a quality insole, is the best way to give your feet the VIP treatment they deserve as a star player on your total body team.

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Long-Distance Running 

When you compete in a long-distance race, you are placing a large amount of pressure on your hips, legs and feet. Your feet support your entire body as you travel towards the finish line. It can be difficult to choose a shoe that will protect your ankles and arches from hard and uneven surfaces, while also taking into account the weight of the shoe.

If you are a long-distance runner training or running on a track, consider a high platform shoe with breathable material. If you have existing pain in your arch and heel, this kind of shoe is perfect to provide long-lasting comfort while running over three miles at a time on flat surfaces.

If you prefer  a more natural terrain, a shoe with a ridged bottom and a padded sole is better suited to your needs. You want a shoe that will absorb some of the shock from the ground below. Additionally, the material and structure of the shoe should protect the sides of your feet and ankles from rocks and uneven terrain that you may encounter during your training.

When you choose your perfect running shoe, add ComfyWalk Insoles to enhance the longevity of your shoes and to protect your feet, shins and knees from future damage and long-term pain. High-impact activities can affect your body over time, but investing in shoe insoles that counteract the strain of long-distance running will extend the amount of years you can safely compete in long-distance races.

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Cycling for more than 10 minutes at a time is a vigorous sport that uses your feet as the main driver of your activity. When you choose cycling shoes, you must consider the sole and the fit. Shoes made specifically for cycling feature are similar to cleats; other shoes are multi-purpose and can support your foot while cycling or performing other activities. Additionally, cycling shoes without the cleat do not require you to unstrap your feet from bike pedals. Depending on whether you cycle long distances or on mountain terrain, you should choose a shoe that will match your riding patterns.

A cycling shoe should have a moderate to very stiff sole to support your foot while pushing the pedals of your bike with your feet. Your feet should remain securely in place during your cycling. When looking for good cycling shoes, you should find footwear made of a breathable material that fits snugly around your feet.

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Tennis requires you to make very quick motions and redistribute your weight often. This means that your shoe must accommodate this movement safely. Your footwear should be firm on the sides to support your ankle and arch while you move. Additionally, flexibility in the center of the shoe will facilitate your quick dashes from side to side.

However, not all tennis courts are the same. Some tennis courts are softer and can cause injury if your shoes are too stiff at the sole, while extremely hard courts can damage your feet with a soft sole that cannot absorb the shock of the ground.

No matter your chosen sport, you should invest in show inserts such as ComfyWalk insoles that will protect your feet during your fiercest competitions. When you want to give it your all on the court, field or course, insoles that fit your shoe of choice will cheer you on all the way to victory.

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