Sesamoiditis Comfort

Sesamoid pain can severely inhibit your ability to walk comfortably. Sesamoiditis symptoms occur due to excessive pressure on the sesamoid bones in your feet, which are located within the tendons attached to your big toe. Sesamoid pain is typically the result of activities that involve excessive use of the balls of your feet, such as dancing and sprinting. People with common foot deformities, like high arches and flat feet, also have a greater risk of developing sesamoiditis. ComfyWalk Insoles may be an effective and affordable solution to help prevent sesamoiditis and provide relief when experiencing symptoms.

Insoles for sesamoiditis can provide the necessary support to remove the excessive pressure you place on the balls of your feet, which can take some of the stress off your sesamoids and re-energize the feet. ComfyWalk Insoles also address two of the leading potential causes of sesamoiditis – high arches and flat feet – by offering needed arch support. ComfyWalk orthotic inserts for sesamoiditis can  be an effective way to prevent sesamoiditis from occurring or reoccurring. Read more below to find out why ComfyWalk is the best insole for your sesamoiditis prevention and relief.

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